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What are we doing here

I believe in teaching a function based technique that is free from an aesthetic bias.  What does that mean. 

Singing is art.  There is no "right" and "wrong" in art.  You have to know the kinds of sounds that you want to make, and it's my job to help you make them.  The word "beautiful" is largely off the table.  The word "functional" is my primary concern.  Your vocal longevity and your ability to express yourself with your voice are my primary concerns.

I created this blog & podcast because there is nothing I enjoy more than getting missives from former and current voice students "in the wild." Because that's what it is, isn't it?  So many of you have come for voice lessons wanting to be performers or educators and have slowly over the course of your young lives drawn your own map to get yourself there. You have help from people who are further along in their cartography.... people like me.  But the path to becoming working singers or working actors is largely uncharted and the map ends up looking WILDLY different for each person and each career.

Sometimes I get messages like "Can I come in for a voice lesson? I've been using the same one from Senior year" and sometimes Senior Year is 5-10 years ago.  I will ALWAYS be part of your voice team!  I hope you know that.  Please come by and sing.  If you are an alum and you are home in the summers I will always make time for a check-in with you, and there's never a charge for that.  If you want to start up regular lessons again, we can talk about that too, but a once every now and then.... PLEASE COME! I miss you and I want to hear what you sound like now.  

So I created this space to start singing and work discussions-- mainly with my current and former students but anyone is welcome.  

I want to talk about:
Optimizing practice time
Teaching Function-based technique free from aesthetic bias
What do your careers look like? 

I want to also do mini voice lesson podcast releases.  I would love for you to write me with requests too!!  For instance a former student came back and wanted to talk about singing in falsetto-- we did a little mini-sesh on falsetto and register blending :) We can talk about the different kinds of "mixing." We can talk about whatever you want!  If you come to my office to talk about it, you can be on the podcast, or if you just want to hear me talking to myself, I'll do a little freestyle and pretend you're there.  

I can't make promises about regularity except that I waited until I had 5 posts to let you all know that I was doing this :) 



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POW! Get a hobby. How trying something new (running) continues to help me with something old (singing)

There's a difference between who we are and what we do Often, when we turn something we love (singing) into a career pursuit, the thing we love becomes a grind.  Practice becomes the biggest/weightiest thing on a list of chores AND we no longer view the daily pursuit of a career as a thing that we can enjoy, or that can bring us personal reward.  I have two initial thought prompts on this. 1. As long as we remain curious about what we're doing, we can remain engaged by it and it's personally rewarding.  If we only approach our practice as a check-list, and not as a jumping off point for continued exploration that's where stagnancy can set in.  2.  There are things other than music which can bring us personal reward and keep us engaged-- with others and with the world around us.  I can't give music the burden of being my only source of inspiration-- but often, when I allow myself to pursue other hobbies or interests, they circle their way back to my music practice an


Sometimes I find it useful to have one prompt that I share with all of my students over the course of my teaching for the week. This can help me stay faithful to the "Big Picture" part of mentorship. These "Prompts of the Week" or "POW"s can be about consistency, mindset, goal setting, or anything about the bigger picture of being an artist. I hope over time to build a database of over 200 prompts to share, along with some studio responses.   POW 1: What is the function of your voice lessons? How is our time together going to serve you in the short and long term.   Reflections: In the end, I want the singers that I work with to feel confidently independent. It's no good going for a drive if you're tethered to your mechanic. I want to help you to understand how your voice functiions so that if something goes wrong when you're out on the road you can fix it yourself and keep on singing. Of course I am here for any tuneups and checkins and

You can't "Win at Art": Infinite Mindset

You can't play an infinite game with a finite mindset. You can't be Number 1.  You can't be the best or beat the competition.  There is no such thing as winning art.  There is is only ahead and behind.  "The goal is not to win; the goal is to keep playing." To play with an infinite mindset you need: 1. A just cause. You need a reason to exist or a reason to want to keep doing what you're doing.  Have we talked about the fact that "loving singing" is not enough?  What do you love about it?  Is it the community?  Is it the praise (be honest)? There are many good things that singing can do for us, but if your goal is to monetize it-- to make it your career, you really have to be sure that your mission statement is really strong.  Why are you in it?  2. Trusting teams. If you aren't surrounded by people who you trust and people who trust you as a creator, you are forced to lie hide and fake every day.  It does you know good to pretend to be